We will try to answer frequently asked questions. If there are any uncertainties left, feel free to contact us via email or directly on Facebook.

Yes, all donations that Arbing meets Africa receives are tax-deductible in Austria.
We are happy about every contribution made to our school. We are frequently asked about the total costs for education and social care per child per month. This value varies between 10 and 20€ depending on the age of the child.
The amount of the donations is voluntarily. We believe that everyone should be able to support our project according to his or her own financial means.
The donations are collected by the non-profit organization Arbing Meets Africa and will be transferred to Kenya multiple times a year.
The organization Arbing meets Africa is run by voluntary employees in Austria, who are managing the organization.
Yes, there are. Like everywhere in Kenya there are cost-free public schools and private schools. But even though the public schools do not require any payment to enter, the quality of education is very poor and there are still many costs to be covered for the parents. As mentioned earlier, often one teacher is responsible for up to 100 kids and it also happens that teachers do not show up to class for weeks at a time.  Another struggle for the children is that they mostly do not have any access to an affordable lunch, so they are hungry and unfocused in class.
The fundament of our organization and therefore our work is provided by our members and supporters. The amount of the donations is voluntarily. The majority of our members are regularly exchanging letters with penfriends at Arbing School Kamobo. This exchange is enriching and exciting both for our members and their penfriends in Kamobo. The main difference between our approach and "typical sponsorship-programs" is that our members are not only supporting a single child but all our programs in the fields of education, health and environment. Exchanging letters is a great opportunity for practical English lessons and all pupils are happy to read and answer the letters together.
We collect all letters from Austria and other sponsors until Christmas each year. You will receive your response letters by the following March.