A core value for Arbing meets Africa is its transparency and the direct implementation of donations. We handle all donations responsibly, which is why Arbing meets Africa was awarded the Austrian “Spendengütesiegel” (Austrian Donation Certificate). Furthermore, all donations are tax-deductible. The gratuitous work of the ten employees in Austria ensured a donation rate of 97% in the association year 2019.

There are two main ways to financially support our development work: regular or one-off support:

Regular support

We provide associate memberships (optional with pen-pal). In both of these options the amount of the monthly donations is voluntary. This means that there is no membership fee and donations are voluntary.
The registration is done through PDF/email (download here: Registration Form) or online (see form below). Frequently asked questions are answered here. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Once-off support

Every Euro counts and contributes directly to the improvement of the living conditions for the people in Kamobo. Donations are possible via bank transfer or through the online form provided below.