What we do

The non-profit association ‘Arbing meets Africa’ was founded in 2015 by Heinz Wegerer, Michael Kragl and Verena Prinz in Arbing (Upper Austria), with Leonie Ernst joining the board in 2017. The association’s objective is to further develop cooperation to fight poverty and hardship relating to education, health and environmental protection in the Official Development Assistance (ODA) recipient countries in Africa. Through participative development and implementation of new opportunities for self-help, the conditions of living for people in socially and economically disadvantaged regions in Africa should be permanently enhanced, whilst also incorporating and respecting their cultural values.

We believe that there is no sure formula for successful development cooperation, but rather, that three aspects are of utmost importance: adapt, incorporate and insist. It is necessary to adapt to local conditions, to incorporate the people on site and to also insist on their assistance. We don’t offer unconditional help, but rather the support to create opportunities for themselves.

Currently, Arbing meets Africa is running two projects in Kenya; the Arbing School Kamobo and the Social Unit. All activities can be segmented into either of these projects. These two are not completely independent from each other, but rather interactive and supportive of one another. The sustainability of all projects is especially important to us. During the planning and implementation, social, ecological and economical aspects are equally considered. Both projects’ success is due to Team Austria, Team Kenya, over 130 members and many other patrons and cooperation partners of the association Arbing meets Africa.