Currently Arbing meets Africa is running two projects in Kenya, which are not independent from each other, but rather interactive and supportive of one another:

  • Arbing School Kamobo: A non-profit school in western Kenya. For more, see: Arbing School Kamobo
  • Social Unit: Social Work in form of community seminars and support and counseling in critical situations. For more, see: Social Unit

Our Projects are developed together by Team Kenya and Team Austria. They all follow the same four guidelines:

  1. We respect and encourage the locally given conditions.
  2. We value the use of local products and resources.
  3. We fill positions at our projects solely with local staff.
  4. Our focus lies in improving the quality for many instead of providing excellence for only a few.


Together with the 130 members (in 2019) and other patrons we were able to establish a place in school for over 300 kids and provide jobs for 30 people in the region. This is possible due to multiple aspects:

  • School buildings
    Alongside a provisional dining hall and kitchen, there were eight classrooms built in 2016 and 2017. All furniture is built by a local carpenter. In 2018, all 8 missing classrooms were added.
  • Nutrition ProgramThe kids are provided with 2-3 meals each day. We can therefore ensure regular meals.
  • Social UnitOur Social Unit holds regular workshops and seminars and is also often present in the community during regular walks. They provide adult education with focus on sex education, hygiene, family planning and agriculture.
  • Water supplyBecause of the source of drinking water on school grounds and the construction of a water tank, the overall water supply was greatly improved.
  • School MaterialWe regularly buy new schoolbooks and materials, to guarantee a quality education.
  • FunOur kids enjoy going to school. Our playground and sports field allow for a lot of outdoor fun and movement during the breaks.
  • School farmThe farm was established in 2019. It helps with the supply of food for our kitchen and creates learning opportunities for the children in all aspects of agriculture.

For more see News and Transparancy.